Our Workshops

Dress for Success

This workshop teaches the dos and don'ts of dressing the part, tips on when to leave the current trends at home, how to prepare for a job interview (before, the day of, and after interview) and how to answer important interview questions.

Financial Literacy

KHAIR participants learn how to create a budget (and stick to it) in addition to many other important money tips. (This workshop is intended for KHAIR Kids and their parent/guardian.)      


Good nutrition is essential for those wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, and healthy lifestyles lead to healthier communities. KHAIR participants will learn about nutrition and healthy cooking.

It's About Me

It's About Me - KHAIR participants reflect on their personal overall emotional health and how important it is to have self-worth. This workshop includes a discussion on personal care, hygiene, and grooming.

Social Etiquette

Very few people realize how their mannerisms, posture and overall social grace can affect their life successes and failures. In this workshop, KHAIR participants are taught etiquette skills.

Team Building

Team building is a set of activities that encourages a group of people to work cooperatively and in harmony. In the workshop, the KHAIR participants partake in a unique team building experience.