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The KHAIR salon network includes several committed salons and barbershops. Our salons/barbershops play an instrumental role in the KHAIR program by helping our KHAIR Kids feel good about the way they look. Being a KHAIR salon/barbershop can be a rewarding experience that provides your stylists / barbers with a great opportunity to use their talents for the betterment of the community.

Young people need support, freedom of expression, guidance, motivation, and exposure. They need to feel safe, valued and empowered. Through the KHAIR program, they get all of this and more.

Karaine Holness, Hair's Kay Beauty Salon, Founding Salon

Continuing the tradition of KHAIRing

KHAIR Salon/Barbershop Recruitment

The salons and barbershops are selected based on:

  • A willingness to contribute to the well-being of the youths in the program
  • Ability to provide hair care services and take home products for at least one KHAIR Kid
  • Completion of a salon visit with the KHAIR coordinator
  • Attendance at an informational meeting at the beginning of each session
  • Licensed stylists and barbers willing to provide the services on a continual basis during the program period
  • Evidence of a current liability insurance policy


KHAIR Salons must be a licensed business offering a positive environment for a teen, have good cleanliness standards, excellent customer service and provide quality hair care services. Interested salons/stylist should contact our KHAIR Coordinator at 203.949.4023 or via email at We will arrange a salon visit to ensure that the salon/barbershop is an appropriate environment for KHAIR kids and a good fit for the program. Eligible salons and barbershops will be invited to complete a salon/stylist package and attend a informational session.

Matching Kids with Stylists/Barbers

KHAIR Coordinators work with the referring clinicians to understand the child’s needs and match each participant with the appropriate stylist/barber who best suits their specific hair needs, and whose business will be geographically and culturally accessible.


In addition, we also partner with our salons to select stylists and barbers who are willing to provide both professional hair care services as well as mentorship to their KHAIR client. The ideal stylist/barber will be confident, mature, and professional, as well as express a genuine interest in youth outreach. The stylist/barber chair should be a comfortable, safe place for clients to share. We ask our KHAIR stylists/barbers to be great listeners and assist their client with help and advice on how to improve their outward appearance, which in turn makes them feel better about themselves.

Types of Services Offered

Salons can offer but are not limited to the following hair services for KHAIR Kids:

  • Style and Finish: Haircuts, Blow-outs, Wraps, Roller Sets, Upstyles
  • Chemical Services: Basic color, Partial Highlights, Relaxers
  • Treatments: Deep Conditioners and Steaming
  • Beard and Face Grooming


In addition to the hair services, we recommend that KHAIR Kids be provided with basic take home products to help support proper at home maintenance of their style. At-home care is a great opportunity for the stylist to help empower the KHAIR Kid to look their best in between appointments. All hair care services and take home product(s) provided are tax-deductible. We assist the salons in tracking service tickets and will provide a donation letter at the end of the year.

As a salon, our mission is to help each and every client, that includes our KHAIR clients, love the way they look, and feel great about themselves — to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Christy M., Stylist, Jo Bruno Hair

Participating Salons