About Us

KHAIR (pronounced “care”) serves at-risk youth by offering one-on-one mentoring relationships and a range of workshops designed to teach important life skills and bolster self-confidence. Participants, who are referred by behavioral health professionals, are asked to commit to six life skill workshops designed to nurture confidence and build healthy relationships.

How KHAIR works

Our Beliefs & Mission

Our mission is to build healthy relationships for young people by connecting them with community leaders and collegiate institutions through life skills workshops.


We Believe:

Kids are healthy when they have a positive attitude and are inspired to reflect on their unique qualities.

Why Kids Need KHAIR

Violence, poverty, racism, poor education, health and family problems and other issues touch many children in our communities. These issues not only hurt kids emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, but they also affect the way children feel about themselves and how they see their place in the world. KHAIR addresses these issues head on.

KHAIR Constituents

The program is based on a partnership of several constituents:


  1. Kids: Youth participants who receive services
  2. Referring agency/behavioral health professionals: Clinical social workers or therapists who refer kids to the program
  3. After School Programs
  4. Schools